Sunday, May 1, 2011


way good knitting!!

The Outsiders Surprise Quiz!!!

1. Who is the second-youngest member of the greasers?
2. In which town is the abandoned church where Ponyboy and Johnny hide out located?
3. In which sport does Ponyboy participate?

Quiet Riot vs Vanilla Ice ! shits and giggles! cool though.

Jeremy Ellis performing on Maschine

Public Enemy - Public Enemy No. 1,,,,the cool shit!!!

Mr. Show: Power, Profit and Passion, holy cow this is cool!

cool of course!

Lexi Belle, Clowning around!

midget fight, slither'n mofo

Some real cool shit!


coolest chalk drawing I've seen this person do. I can't recall the artists name.Its got an awesome theme and therefore its cool.

Atmosphere- Shotgun!,,,,,, I know its 'old' in todays terms, and has probably been heard by millions of people. But "I" haven't!!!, so its getting posted anyway. this Blog is for coolness, not to mention style! all forms!

Beautiful!.... The hair is crazy ill!

Karate it and see, the funny memes

The Spinners - Rubberband Man,,,cool ass music!!

Beastie Boys - Pop Your Balloon, finally they return!!

cool pose! I might try my own, who knows?

cool music, way cool music

so fun to watch!